Your own living room, kitchen table or spare desk: share them as a free coworking space or book one directly!

Share your abundance

Share your living room, kitchen table or extra desk in your office. By sharing these abundance you receive tons of knowledge, creativity and ideas in to your space.


Create your location here.

You pay for what you use

Flexible terms and access to the S2M value network consisting of abundant expertise. That is what makes us unique, and that is why you book a seat in these locations! You pay with your skills and abundance. Want to know more about social capital?

Watch the video about Social Capital here.

Work local

Working local brings you in contact with your neighbourhood. Create connections between local entrepreneurs and maybe work together with neighbours on a cool project in your area! Any questions about working at a Seats2meet for Locals location?

Don’t be a stranger, ask questions!


Share to receive knowledge, ideas and new talents in to your small office! “Het Stadshuisje” and “Droomhout Design” are already sharing their location! Why they share it with you? Read here 10 good reasons! 


Don’t work alone. Share your living room or kitchen table. Anneke de Leeuw and Erik Visser are already sharing their living room with you.


What do you have in abundance?

Your location


In this Facebook group we share pictures, our adventures, thoughts and more.
So, join the group and share your experiences! 


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“By opening your doors for other coworkers you can easily meet new people, create new ideas or even build a ground-breaking new company! We believe in sharing abundance in order to create new value. We help you share your abundance of space, so that you can start creating value for yourself and the other coworkers! You can register your location and it will automatically be visible within the S2M platform. We are now in the pilot phase and that means you can book your spot right now! Why launch S2M for locals right now, you ask? At the moment Europe is dealing with a large group of immigrants. We believe that we can contribute to the integration and occupation of these people by providing them a place to work and a way to connect with local Dutch society!”

What do you think that the S2M For locals workplace should be?

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By joining us, your mobile professional members and/or employees become part of the growing international S2M network where people share knowledge on their way to success.
At the website or app they “find people or knowledge” they need

  • They will be matched to events that are a fit
  • They can chat with or request an in-person meeting with the people who can help
  • Experience accelerated serendipity!


Use the physical abundance of your location and create a place for people to meet and/or cowork, no matter how big or small. By doing this, you will enable all of your stakeholders not only to be connected to each other, but also to relevant people outside of your organization.

Remember that innovation arises at the brink of old and new and usually comes from outside.


Benefits for your mobile professionals:

  • Become part of a global community of mobile professionals
  • Quickly find the experts, energy & knowledge you need to create real-time, in-person connections
  • Contribute to a culture that supports openness, collaboration & sharing
  • Build social capital that can help your network and business grow
  • Help make the world a better place!

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